The Birthlight Trust is an educational charity, set up in Cambridge, that over the last 15 years has developed simple practices inspired by Yoga and the parenting style of Amazonian forest people to reach an increasing number of parents, midwives, teachers and carers. The application of adapted exercises and relaxation also in the water, has proved most beneficial to pregnancy, birth and the first crucial years of child development.

The birthlight charter is contained in the word Birthlight, birthing lightly using the breath and the awareness of breathing without due strain, and also to the light, the spiritual dimension of birth, which is often forgotten.

Developing Birthlight with parents and carers of many countries and backgrounds has meant encouraging creative parenting. The aim of birthlight is to build a sound, positive foundation for life in ways that suit and nourish your family, however it is defined.

The range of classes available are designed to take you from conception to your childs third year; Birthlight continually strives to use the latest research findings in the development of additional classes that build on your expertise.

All Birthlight certified teachers have undergone rigorous training, which is continually updated. All of them adhere to a stringent code of practice. Birthlight courses are either accredited or professionally recognised.

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