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**Great News – Aquanauts are Back in Tameside**

Our aim is to enable your baby to be swimming independently up to 5 metres (sometimes more!) along the surface of the water, with no buoyancy aids around the age of three. We can accept babies from just a few weeks old onto our classes, and we teach children until they are capable of swimming independently on their fronts and backs, as well as achieving the learning outcomes of an Aquanaut in our parents out of the water Academy classes.

All babies are of course different, and develop at different rates. That's where our Birthlight teaching ensures that your little one benefits from our child centred approach to baby and infant swimming. This method responds to your babies needs and nurtures their development. Our Birthlight Diploma Qualified teachers embrace the ethos of Birthlight, providing your little one with a sound, positive foundation for life in ways that suit and nourish your family.

Our course objectives are to:

  • teach your little one water survival and safety skills;
  • empower the parent/carer to develop their little ones water confidence;
  • provide a starting block for developing a confident swimmer.
  • ...and to have a lot of fun!!

In addition the aquanauts swimming experience will give you endless opportunities for bonding and fun as your precious little one starts out on lifes exciting journey.

Our classes are taught from small, warm, private pools. Between the important age of birth and 18 months, our classes will consist of no more than your little one and five others.

If you need more information, please email or by phone on 0333 600 0561 (sometimes easier to email as we are often busy teaching!)

Looking forward to welcoming you on board soon.


Joshua gets excited from the minute we pull up into the car park, he has made good friends and loves his time in the pool. We can see his confidence growing week by week.

From Louise, Mummy to Joshua in Tameside