When can my little one join Aquanauts?
Baby swimming can encourage your little one to feel both independent and self-confident as they discover how to move unaided, for short distances, through the water. This then in turn, develops a toddler who is so very keen to show-off their skills!

As your sessions progress, and you develop new skills, you will find both you and your little becoming more confident with each other in the water world.
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How many little ones are in a class?
This depends on pool size. Smaller pools have between four and six babies in a class. Classes in larger pools can be up to ten babies.
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What should my little one wear in the water?
Aquanauts operate a two layer nappy system. This means all little ones must wear two nappies - either a disposable swim nappy or equivalent, and a reusable cloth swim nappy.

The second nappy must be tight fitting around your little one's legs - like a Konfident Nappicova, specifically designed for baby swim schools.

You will not be allowed into the pool without both nappies, any leaks into the pool could potentially cause closure. Nappies should be purchased at the time of enrolment.
(see enrolment pack for further information)

The pools used by aquanauts are heated to at least 30°C, and often warmer hydrotherapy pools are used.

If you little one is swimming in a pool around 32°C or less, we recommend using an infant wet suit for little ones under 12 months old - these are also very useful on holiday!
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What should I feed my little one?
Try to feed (solids) one to two hours before a session. Milk feeds are not usually a problem - remember a hungry baby is not a happy baby!

Little ones are often hungry following their swim (even if it is not a normal feeding time when the lesson ends), please bring milk/drink/snacks for consumption. However, to avoid congestion in the changing area please feed your little one away from the pool and changing areas.
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What if my little one is unwell?
It is not a good idea to bring your little one swimming if they are unwell. They are unlikely to enjoy their time in the water and please also take into consideration the potential for spread of infection.

If your little one has an ear infection, please do not swim them, it will be most uncomfortable. Please seek medical advice from your GP for treatment.

Little ones with diarrhoea must not swim until at least 48 hours after it has cleared completely, and they are following their normal eating/feeding pattern.

If you baby is unwell, it is important that you seek the advice of a GP.
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Can we do the exercises ourselves outside of Aquanauts sessions?
Yes, of course you can, your little one will be more comfortable in water the more time they spend in it. Never swim or submerge your little one more than you have in your aquanauts session.

Be aware, that more often than not, the water temperature in other pools is cooler, if this is the case shorten your swim time.

A baby wet suit can help your little one in cooler water. These can be purchased directly from Aquanauts.
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Do I need to be able to swim to attend Aquanauts courses with my little one?
No, you will be able to stand in the pools we use, as they are normally of a depth up to 1.4meters. Often parents/carers who are not particularly confident in water, become more at ease themselves through attending sessions with their little ones.

If you are comfortable in water, there will be opportunities for both you and your little one to experience they aquatic environment together.
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Will we be able to have an underwater photograph?
Once your little one has completed discoverers level, or is able to hold their breath for a period of time, you will be able to attend a professional underwater photo shoot, conducted by Urchinrock. Please ask your instructor for details. A fee is payable for this amazing opportunity.
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