Water Safety & Respect

We believe swimming is a life skill, no questions asked, everyone should be able to swim. Drowning is the second greatest cause of accidental death in industrialised countries and more than 50% of cases occur close to the waters edge.

During our sessions your little one will learn to hold their breath, hold on at the side, turn in the water, and after entering the water come back to the side - essential skills that could one day save their life. We then build on these skills to develop your child into confident and capable simmer. We also teach our little one’s a heathy respect for water and pools including how to safely enter a pool, how and when to safely jump in, through to teaching our older ones beach safety including tides.


Health &Development

Independent research from Australia’s Griffiths University worked with 7,000 under-fives from Australia, New Zealand and the US over three years and demonstrated that children who learn how to swim at a young age are reach developmental milestones earlier than the norm.

Swimming enables little ones to exercise muscle groups that are otherwise restricted by their inability to sit up, stand or walk whilst also helping with respiratory functions. Aquanauts baby swimming provides a great introduction for developing an active lifestyle through the multi-sensory experience delivered through our baby swim classes.



Your weekly baby swim session with Aquanauts will provide mummies, daddies and carers with a unique opportunity to spend precious time together with your little one. The more you put into your swim session the more you will see both you and your baby benefit.

Often parents / carers who come along to the swim session have fear of water themselves that they do not want their little one to have, spending time in the a water in a nurturing and fun environment may help you yourself become more confident.



Baby swimming can encourage your little one to feel both independent and self-confident as they discover how to move unaided, for short distances, through the water. This then in turn, develops a toddler who is so very keen to show-off their skills!

As your sessions progress, and you develop new skills, you will find both you and your little becoming more confident with each other in the water world.