If you are interested in a new part time role, working with our clients to help their little ones become water confident, learn essential water safety skills and become capable independent swimmers then a career contracting for Aquanauts might be for you.

Aquanauts will provide a comprehensive teacher-training package that will enable you to teach Aquanauts clients in line with our unique Aquanauts baby and infant swimming programme.

This will include:

  • Individual, one to one practical training at one of our private swimming pool venues.
  • Shadow a qualified teacher, experienced in delivering the Aquanauts swim programme.
  • Instruct your own classes under guidance until you are happy and confident teaching independently.
  • Life saving qualifications.

What is involved in being an Aquanauts baby and infant swimming instructor?

1. Deliver baby and infant swim lessons at locations throughout Aquanauts trading areas including the set up and close down of pools for lessons.

2. To undertake regular assessments of baby and infants progress in line with the Aquanauts swimming programme.

3. Plan baby and infant swimming lessons two weeks in advance of delivery in line with the Aquanauts swimming programme, taking account of individual children’s progression.

4. Control the access and egress of parents/carers and their babies into swimming pools utilised by Aquanauts ensuring that parents only access swim lessons for which they have been scheduled.

5. Ensure that babies wear approved baby swim wear for each and every lesson.

6. Work with and co-ordinate appointed door staff where appropriate.

7. Maintain stock and equipment supplied by Aquanauts ensuring that wet items are washed (where appropriate) and equipment is dried off.

What are the benefits?

  • A part time contracting job with a growing business with delivery of lessons based around school term times, leaving school holidays free to spend time with family and children.
  • A rewarding job, where you get paid to have fun, enable parents and children to become water confident and swim independently.

What type of person are we looking for?

  • Able to relate to and physically handle babies from 4 weeks to 5 years (approx).
  • Bubbly, enthusiastic self confident person.
  • Experience of parenting or working with babies and infants.
  • Capable of communicating and teaching lesson to a diverse range of communities from across Greater Manchester.
  • Highly motivated and self starting.
  • Capable of leading and motivating groups (as part of swimming lessons).
  • Capable of working off own initiative, adapting to changes /situations as necessary.
  • Team worker, capable of working with the team of Aquanauts swimming instructors.

Swimming ability and experience

  • Ability to swim unaided at least 50 metres on front and back.
  • Experience of observing or taking part in baby swimming classes.
  • Happy and confident going under the water.
  • Be able to retrieve an object from at least 1.4m depth.
  • Be able to jump into a pool and climb out without the use of steps.

Planning / organisation / ICT

  • Ability to utilise email, excel and word.
  • Be able to organise and plan.
  • Able to respond effectively to deadlines and schedules.
  • Flexible and accommodating to the demands of the business.
  • Able to work effectively on own.

To find out more about Aquanauts visit www.aquanauts.uk.com.

If you would like to apply for this contractor role, please email your application to aquanauts@outlook.com