Set up by Sara Kelly in 2006, Aquanauts provides parents in and around Greater Manchester with the opportunity to access high quality, great value baby swim lessons that deliver real benefits and are great fun.

Sara has developed the Aquanauts baby swim programme based upon her extensive experience, years of training and development through Birthlight and the Swimming Teachers Association and her personal passion to work with parents to ensure they can develop their little one’s into safe, confident and capable swimmers.

Our teachers are trained to follow a child centered approach to baby and infant swimming, which ensures that everything you and your little one do in the water is focused around your own individual needs, abilities and wishes.

In order to wear the Birthlight badge, Aquanauts have made significant investments in training and continual professional development. This ensures that Sara and her teachers have the experience, knowledge and training you would expect, to provide you with an experience unique to Greater Manchester.

Babies and Children with additional needs

All babies and children are special to their parents and us, however we also love working with little ones with additional mental or physical needs.

We also know that if your child has additional or special needs you may have additional questions, so just drop us an email to with any questions.

Community Investment

We believe that our work and classes can have wider community impact and benefits. Through working with our clients, we have helped raised thousands of pounds to support some of the most amazing community focused charities that deliver unbelievable work in our communities each week. To date we have supported:

  • Mummy's Star
  • CLIMB (Children Living With Inherited Metabolic Disease)
  • Play fund on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit through the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charity Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Genetics Trust (Gem Appeal)
  • Reuben's Retreat
  • Cascade

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