Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of terms and condition – By making payment for classes you accept the terms and conditions by which Aquanauts operates. These are available on line at www.aquanauts.uk.com. As your child’s parent/guardian/carer you accept full responsibility for your baby before, during and after the swimming session and will inform the teacher immediately of any concerns you may have. You understand that the main purpose of the session is for the mutual enjoyment of the water and accept that at times there will be physical contact between the teacher and the child in a professional, caring manner. Through enrolling and attending Aquanauts you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions, along with the code of conduct contained within these terms and conditions.

2. Course and session times – We have designed our courses to run in-line with the standard school term and each course will normally last between 10 and 12 weeks (the “Course”), with a 1 to 2 week break during standard school half term. Each week you and your child will attend a swim and learn lesson lasting between 20 and 30 minutes (the “session”) depending on the age and ability of your child.

3. Session times – You and your child are allocated a specific session (i.e. Session time and venue) each week throughout the duration of the Course. You and your child’s health and safety is our prime concern therefore, we cannot accommodate changes that you may wish to make to your Session times or venues and request that you attend the Session that you have been allocated only (and not to attend other Sessions as this may cause a breach of guidelines provided for our instructors on child/parent/instructor ratios).

4. Payment (a)– a. Prior to the commencement of each Course, we require payment arrangements to be set up via Direct Debit through our payment partner GoCardless and payment to have been completed or in process to be taken. You will also have needed to complete our booking form available from www.aquanauts.uk.com.

b. Where you are unable to provide a direct debit, cash payments may be made through advance agreement with Aquanauts

c. Where stock is taken and not paid for at the time of the stock being taken, payment for this item will be taken through your Direct Debit arrangements held with Aquanauts via GoCardless.

5. Postponed classes – – Where a class is not able to be held due to factors outside of Aquanauts control e.g. pool breakdown, adverse weather conditions, Covid-19 or other pandemic. Aquanauts will aim to reschedule the class again within the term. Where a class is rearranged you will be notified, refunds or credits will not be offered where an alternative class is offered. Where possible re-arranged classes will be at the same location, day and time as your regular classes.

6. Refunds – Once Courses have commenced, Aquanauts UK Ltd do not issue refunds.

7. Class Renewals and Cancellation:–
Automatic rebooking for subsequent courses:

• Once you have a space allocated with Aquanauts, we will automatically renew it for you for the next term on the same session day and take direct debit payment once our rebooking period has ended.

• Each term (typically around half term), we will email you details of the following term’s classes. This email will contain information about term start and end dates, the date on which automatic renewal will start, the price of the next terms classes and deadline dates for cancelling your classes or requesting a change of venue / day. Through the Direct Debit Guarantee administered by GoCardless you will also receive three days notifications in advance of any payments being taken.

• If you do not want to book onto the next term you need to email aquanauts@outlook.com with the subject header CANCELLATION and in the email state your child’s name, date of birth and reason for cancelling by the deadline stated in the rebooking email. If you do not cancel your booking by the deadline date, you will be automatically booked onto the next terms classes and payment taken in line with these terms and conditions.

• Lesson times for the following term may alter due to overall demand for classes at your venue. We will keep sessions within a morning or afternoon time period, however the specific class time may vary depending on demand.

• If you want to change day, location or cease attending future bookings, you must advise this to us in writing before the deadline provided in the rebooking email sent to your registered email account.

• Payment will be taken via Direct Debit before the start of all lessons in line with the detailed emailed to you.

• Once all payments have been processed and classes realigned you will receive a text message (typically towards the end of term) with a class time booking confirmation. This will be sent to your registered mobile phone number.

• It remains your responsibility to ensure that the contact phone number and email address are upto date.

• If you are paying by cash then payment must be received before the deadline. It is not possible to bring payment with you on the day of your first class.

• Failed payment fee – If you fail to make a payment we will charge you a fee of £20.

• Following each automatic renewal there is a 14 day cooling off period following the end of each rebooking period, when clients may choose to cancel attendance on a course, subject to the standard cancellation administration fee of £40. After this cooling off period, no refunds are available.

Cancellations for New Enrolments:

• 15 days or more prior to the start of the Course, an administration fee of £40 (per child attending) will be deducted from the course fee.

• Up to 14 days prior to the start of the Course, no refunds are available.

8. Personal belongings – Personal belongings left in the changing facilities and at the pool-side are left at their owners own risk, and Aquanauts UK Ltd accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss, theft or damage.

9. Vehicles and car parking – All vehicles must be parked at pool locations in line with the pool’s instructions for parking. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in your lessons with Aquanauts being cancelled without refund. Vehicles left in the cars park are left at the owners own risk and Aquanauts UK Ltd accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss, theft or damage.

10. Privacy Policy – By booking onto Aquanauts classes, you accept and consent to Aquanauts Privacy Policy relating to how we use your personnel data.

11. Purchased goods from Aquanauts UK Ltd – Items purchased from Aquanauts UK Ltd will be refunded only if:
· The product is faulty.

Note: On non faulty items refunds or exchanges will not be given if packaging and / or labels have been removed. If a product is unsuitable, it can be exchanged within 28 days of purchase. Samples of different stock sizes are available at lessons. If in doubt, try a sample product before removing packaging / labels.

3.0 Our “code of conduct”

1. Arrival at the pool– To minimise the disruption to Sessions being taught, we kindly request that you do not arrive at the pool more than 10 minutes prior to start of your Session. We suggest that parents arrive “ready to swim” so that they can concentrate on preparing their child for the Session.

2. Changing facilities – As changing facilities are limited in terms of space, it is essential that you leave prams, buggies and car seats collapsed in the pool foyer (where applicable). Please ensure you remove your shoes before entering the pool area. At the end of the Session, we advise that you keep your child wrapped in a towel and get changed first, as this is often quicker and dryer for both parent and child. We ask you to also be aware that the floors are often wet and therefore may present a slip hazard for you and your child. We also request that you use the changing facilities as efficiently as possible, and leave these in the condition you would expect to find them, so that parents and children arriving for the next Session can use them.

3. What to bring –We recommend that you bring the following items with you to each s session, a changing mat, towels for parent and child; swim nappies*. *Please note swim nappies are essential up to the age of 3 regardless of whether your child is potty trained. From 3 years a conventional swim suit is acceptable as long as your child is FULLY toilet trained. Note: Aquanauts UK Ltd operates a ‘2 layer’ nappy system, this being either a disposable swimming nappy or a washable nappy wrap and a swim nappy’. These are available for purchase from Aquanauts UK Ltd, please indicate your preference on the enclosed order form. Prior to your swim session it is requested that you shower to minimise chemical load into the pool.

4. Waiting for your class to begin and after the class – Prior to your teacher instructing you to enter the pool, you must not enter the pool, wait on the steps or allow your little one to play in the pool or paddle/play at the pool edge. Following your lesson you must leave to get changed as soon as practicable. Aquanauts cannot accept responsibility for your childs safety before or after your lesson, it is your responsibility that your child is not allowed to play or enter the pool prior to this.

5. Illness – If your child is unwell we recommend that you do not bring them to a swim Session as they will not benefit or enjoy it. If you are unwell we recommend that you do not come swimming and that you arrange for someone who is familiar to your child to bring them.

6. Immunisation – We recommend you to visit the government website on vaccinations www.immunisation.nhs.uk or consult your health care practitioner.

7. Feeding – most of our pools offer facilities for feeding your baby (please ask for further details if required). It is acceptable for milk feeds to be given prior to a lesson and we would indeed recommend it to ensure a pleasant time with your baby. Solid feeds however, should be consumed approximately 1-2 hours prior to swim time to avoid regurgitation. Babies are often hungry following a swim session please bring milk / drinks / snacks for consumption away for the changing rooms and pool environment.